How I want my Patriots news

I am a New England Patriots fan.  So naturally, when I got my iPod Touch this year I downloaded the New England Patriots’ 2010 app. The app provides access to their schedule, fan club, galleries, but most importantly their official news section. The Patriots’ organization provides a robust news/media section with videos, audio, blogs, transcripts etc. As the season has started to come to a close, and the Patriots are in the play offs, I have been checking up on the news regarding my Pats daily, often several times a day.

Yesterday I was sitting in my chair browsing the latest news on my Touch when my fiancé asked me why I was looking at the news on my iPod.  I was three feet from my laptop, and maybe 10 feet from my desktop, but here I was looking at this tiny screen without a key boarded intensely taking in all things Patriots.  I looked at her and realized it was a good question.  Why was I sitting here hunched over this tiny device instead of using the relative comfort of a larger display and input.

After I thought about it for a while, I realized that it was the way the app displayed the information that drew me to it.  Sure a bigger screen to watch video on would be nice, and it would be great not have to zoom in on blog text, but the app gave me the information in the way I preferred.  In this instance presentation was everything.

The patriots website breaks out audio/video posts and text post into separate areas on the main page. New content is grouped by its format not by its time stamp.  As an addicted fan I just want to see what’s new.  I don’t care what format it is in, because regardless, I am consuming it.  Separating the updates out based on format type to me makes no sense.  Why should I have to browse two lists to find out what’s new?  The Patriots’ app saves me from that minor trouble.  From the app I press on “latest news” and I am presented with a nice scrolling list of ALL the recent news updates.  I start at the top and keep pressing down until I hit content I have already consumed.  I even get larger thumbnails for the videos, which makes it easier for my visually orientated mind to determine if I have all ready viewed them.  This is how I want my Patriots information, and to get it that way I will deal with small screen size, zooming in on text, and limited inputs.  So, until the pats redesign their website I will be consuming all news Patriots on the small screen.

The New England Patriots’ website